An exceptional Tuscan experience – without equal

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It is hard to put into words the emotional appeal of this magnificent villa. The superb location, the extraordinary facility (beautiful rooms), the remarkable food and management and staff that are wholly dedicated to a relaxing, enjoyable experience. I see that "lyndaMtl" didn't have a great experience but, having stayed here twice, I think that was a very rare exception. Daniella, the owner, is gracious and lovely and sets the tone for a remarkable stay. Everything is remarkably balanced: Low key yet sublimely elegant. Attentive without being overbearing. Rooms are spacious, very tastefully appointed with generous amenities. The silence during the day -- and night -- is blissfully deafening. The chirping birds and occasional hee-haw from the donkey or neighing from the horses or the honking of the geese is all there is to "disturb" the gentle wind rustling the trees. Most of what you'll eat there is literally home-grown, including the wine and olive oil. You will, like us, leave this experience very sadly. The thoughts of returning some day will provide the needed solace until that becomes a reality. Without a doubt, we recommend Bandita for the discriminating traveler who appreciates the best Tuscany has to offer. We count the days until we can return! GRAZIE MILLE, DANIELLA. BRAVA! CIAO!
  • October, 2001